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Tough Oaks Landscaping interlocking in Barrie

We provide professional, highly skilled, licensed and insured hardscape  landscaping  services in Barrie and surrounding area to create your custom one of a kind driveway , front entrance, steps, garden patio oasis, and front yard landscape  with interlocking stone paver driveway design and construction.  

As part of our quality workmanship, we complete the project the correct way. Providing proper gradient leveling , proper material, sufficient packing for driveways, walkways, front and back entrance steps, patios, pool surrounds, and sod installation. 

We recommend booking in advance of the time you want the project completed as we book up very fast for the season.   It is recommended to plan 1-2 years in advance for a major project and 6 months - 1 year for smaller projects.

TOUGH OAKS LANDSCAPING completes the project correctly the first time and our projects last the test of time.   We have been told we are well worth the wait and price for the level of custom quality art and labour that goes into every one of our landscaping projects.

Your home will look like a millionaires estate. With curb appeal, your property value will increase .  Built so solid, our projects will  most likely outlast the life of your home builders material .

Project costs vary dependent on project size, material, design complexity, accessibility  to work site. 

Driveways are in the $20,000 -$50,000 range and are cost dependent on size, material choice, & depth of excavation.

Front stairs, 3 steps and less are in the $7,000+ range.

Back Yard projects are cost & feasibility dependent on accessibility to the work site by tractor for excavation & site prep.

In projects with manual labour required for excavation or placement of material, the cost increases. Costs reflect level of skill, amount of manual labour, difficulty of design, amount & cost of material & time equipment used.

Generally projects are completed  between $10,000-$200,000. Quotes are complimentary

We work for your customer satisfaction.

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